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Mobile vertical bucky stand with mobile DR

The mobile vertical bucky stand is equipped with mobile DR. Recently, several agents have inquired about the simple chest frame, because the hospital used it before, it is more convenient to take pictures and the price is also cheap. Therefore, after the old simple chest rack is broken, I still plan to purchase the simple chest rack again. The appearance of the simple chest rack is as follows:


This simple bucky stand is composed of three parts: bracket, slide rail, and film clip. Because of its simple appearance, it is very suitable for small hospitals and personal clinics. The cassette structure of this simple chest rack is extremely simple, and is mainly used for storing cassettes, IP boards or wireless flat panel detectors. It is more convenient to move and can be carried by one person. However, the imaging equipment of the cassette has been basically eliminated. At present, there are more IP panels using CR and flat panel detectors using DR. However, the price of IP boards and flat panel detectors is relatively expensive, so it is not recommended to use them on this kind of simple chest X-ray stand. Because the simple chest frame is too simple in appearance design, there are certain safety risks in installation. If it is an expensive IP board and flat panel detector, it is recommended to buy a vertical chest frame or a DR chest frame. Our produces various types and specifications of vertical film racks and DR chest film racks, which are suitable for cassettes, IP boards, and wired (wireless) flat panel detectors. Can accept customer-specific customization.

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