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Mobile DR X ray machine 400mA

Product features

  1. The device is equipped with a human anatomy program, and the user can adjust the parameters to shoot all parts of the human body, such as: head, chest, abdomen, lumbar spine, cervical spine, limbs, etc.;
  2. Equipped with a beamer, which can easily and correctly control the radiation field of X-rays;
  3. Electric assist operation, moving forward and backward is more convenient and light;
  4. It can be used in various hospitals, clinics, wards, physical examination centers and other medical institutions to take pictures for routine photography of patients, and obtain a single image for clinical diagnosis;
  5. There are storage boxes on both sides of the host (which can place DR flat panel detectors, cassettes, CR IP boards and other useful items);
  6. Adopt high-frequency high-voltage generator and tube kV closed-loop control, and the output is stable;
  7. Touch screen adjustment, dual-core control, with wired handbrake and wireless handbrake (optional);
  8. With automatic adjustment of power supply voltage (V), stepless continuous adjustment of photography (kV);
  9. With load chain, exposure time, automatic fault alarm, filament preheating, tube assembly temperature and other protections;
  10. The automatic retractable power cable mechanism can effectively prevent the cable from winding;

Power conditions
Voltage 220V Frequency 50Hz±1Hz Battery capacity 1.5kVA
Internal resistance ≤1Ω Internal power capacity ≤DC54V,13AH
Photography conditions
Tube voltage 125kVp Tube current 400mA@50Hz Time 0.1s-6.3s
X tube focus center 1250-1600mm X-ray tube maximum current 400mA
The maximum distance from the focus of the X-ray nose to the ground ≤1850mm
The minimum distance from the focus of the X-ray nose to the ground 950mm
X-ray tube assembly rotates around the column ±90° rotate around its own axis ±180°
When the distance between the focus and the image receiving surface (SID) is 1m, the large radiation field of view is ≥430mm*430mm

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