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    Mobile X-ray machine DR System

Mobile X-ray machine DR System

Mobile X-ray machine DR System
Product features
1) HF generator and independent head, closed-loop control, stable output, good repeatability, fast response and high accuracy.
2) Digital closed-loop control technology, 32-bit microprocessor real-time control, ensuring the accuracy and repeatability of the dose.
3) Touch screen adjustment, color screen display, dual-core control.
4) There is a body anatomy program, and users can also modify the parameters by themselves.
5) With high-voltage over-voltage protection, tube current over-current protection, output overload protection, fault notification,
6) Perfect heat capacity protection function to protect the target surface of the X-ray tube.
7) Ergonomic structure design, simple and convenient operation.
8) Electric power assist, more convenient and lightweight.
9) Battery capacitor dual energy storage mode, can take more than 20 films offline, more reliable for emergency use.
10) Distance from focus to image receiving surface (focus screen distance)
The distance from the focal point to the image receiving surface (focus screen distance): 1250 ~ 1900 (mm)
The distance from the focus to the image receiving surface is adjustable. Pull the ruler on the beam limiter to the value reflected by the image receiving surface to indicate the distance from the focus to the image receiving surface. When the X-ray source component is moved so that the focal distance is one meter, the radiation range of X-rays after passing through the x-ray collimator is 430 × 430 (mm).
11) If you move the adjustment handle of the x ray collimator, you can adjust any rectangle not larger than 430 × 430 (mm).

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