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Mobile X-ray machine for clinical escort

The mobile X-ray machine is a mobile diagnostic equipment suitable for taking pictures of the head, limbs, chest, waist and abdomen of the human body in wards, emergency rooms, operating rooms, and ICUs. Due to its small size, it can also be used for animal X-ray examination. For hospital and emergency use. Flexible mobile operation performance. Wireless remote exposure, greatly reducing radiation dose of physicians. Using high-frequency inverter technology, the radiation quality is good, the skin dose is low, stable and reliable, and the image clarity and contrast are good.
The mobile X-ray machine has the advantages of small size, no need to be limited to a fixed position, and can be moved to the desired place for inspection according to needs. It is widely used in bone injuries, chest and lungs, skull and birth control rings, etc. Perspective and photography. The advantages of mobile X-ray machines in terms of maneuverability, convenience, isolation, and timely diagnosis have played a very important role in avoiding cross-infection and controlling the spread of the epidemic.
However, conventional mobile X-ray machines use traditional cassettes and films. After exposure, the image quality can only be determined after developing, developing, and fixing in the darkroom. If the exposure conditions are not good, it must be re-shot. It takes more than ten minutes to see the image after exposure, and the image quality cannot be guaranteed 100%, which seriously hinders the application in emergency and special occasions.
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