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Mobile X-Ray Machine

Mobile X-Ray Machine

Main Technology Parameters(High Frequency)

1. Power Supply Requirements

Single Phase: 220V±22V(the socket must meet the security standard)

Power Supply Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz

Power Supply Capacity: 4kVA

Power Internal Resistance: <0.5Ω

2.Specification & Dimension

Longest distance between x-ray tube and ground: 1800mm±20mm

Shortest distance between x-ray tube and ground: 490mm±20mm

Device Park Size: 1400×700×1330(mm)

Device Mass: 130(Kg)

3.Main Technology Parameter:

Nominal Power Output: 3.2kW

X-Ray Tube: Stationary Anode X-Ray Tube XD6-1.1, 3.5/100

Anode Target Angle: 19°

Collimator: Manual Adjustment

Inherent Filtration: 2.5mm equivalent thickness of aluminium(x-ray tube with collimator)

Locating Light: 24V halogen bulb, average illuminition is equal to or more than 100Lx

Max. Cassette Size/1m SID: 430mm×430mm

Max. Land Slope: ≤10°

Nominal Power Output: 3.5kW(100kV×35mA-3.5kW)

X-Ray Tube Voltage(kV): 40~110kV(1kV progressive increase/decrease)

X-Ray Tube Current(mA): 30~70mA

Exposure Time: 0.04~5s


X-Ray Tube Current and Voltage Adjustment Scope

Mobile X-Ray Machine specification


1.Specially used for ward and emergency ward radiography

2.Flexible mobile operating function

3.Wireless remote control exposure so as to reduce doctor radiation dosage

Mobile X-Ray Machine

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