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Models of veterinary x-ray machines

Veterinary X-ray machines generally refer to X-ray machines specially used to photograph various animals. Depending on the size of the photographed animals, the types of corresponding X-ray machines are also different.
The most common veterinary X-ray machine is the X-ray machine used in pet clinics. This type of X-ray machine is generally used to photograph animals such as puppies and cats. The power of the X-ray machine is relatively small. Generally, it can be equipped with a 5KW portable head. Meet the demand; if it is used to shoot large animals such as horses and cows, the power requirements of the X-ray machine are very large, and a large X-ray machine with 30KW and 50KW is required.
Imaging systems are generally procured by way of digital imaging. Veterinary digital DRX optical machine can be composed by configuring DR imaging system. The X-ray machine emits rays to penetrate the pet, receives the rays through the flat panel detector, and uses the automatic exposure detection function of the flat panel detector to convert the X-rays into images and display them on the computer for diagnosis by doctors.
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