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Moving C-arm X-ray machine

The main technical parameters:

1、power supply

Single-phase AC 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ~ 60Hz, allowing maximum power supply resistance ≤ 0.5Ω, 3.5kW

2、Perspective mode and conditions

Manual view: tube voltage: 40 ~ 110kV (1kV / file); tube current: 0.3 ~ 5.0 mA (0.1 mA / file)

3、Photography mode and conditions

Tube voltage:40~110 kV

Tube current:31~70 mA

Exposure time:0.04~3.2s

4、High frequency high voltage generator

working frequency:30kHz,The highest tube voltage:110kV,The highest current:70mA,

5、X-ray tube model:XDT-A110 ;   Small focus:0.6×0.6(mm2) , Big focus:1.5×1.5( mm2)

6、C arm up and down range: 400mm

7、C arm before and after the horizontal movement range:200 mm

8、C arm around the horizontal axis rotation range:±180°

9、C arm sliding along the track range:  -20°~ 90°

10、C arm swing angle:±12.5°

11、The distance from the X-ray tube focus to the image enhancer’s receiving surface:977mm

Standard configuration:

1、Host (including mobile rack, console)                   1

2、X-ray generator                                                    1

3、 X-ray image intensifier (4.5 “, 6”, 9 “three field of view)      1

4、Camera Japan Watec)                                            1

5、(14〞)Monitor                                                   2

6、Video image processor                                               1

7、Trolley                                                                    1


●High frequency high voltage generator, improve image quality while reducing radiation dose

●Excellent cost performance, ideal for medical units

●With IBS, enhanced perspective function, to meet the different needs of the clinical

●Progressive scan TV system, the image is more delicate, stable, flicker-free

●Multi-level noise reduction, the last frame freeze, 8 image storage, dual-screen display

●Image can be up, down, left and right flip, positive and negative image conversion

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