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Newheek four bucky stands

Recently, many customers call Newheek consulting bucky stand, but they do not know how to choose, please check the following introduction .

First of all, the most popular bucky stand is trolley type, because the material is qualitative light, it is convenient to carry when outdoor physical examination. The biggest characteristic is its adjustable arm, it can adjust the angle, up and down ,which is very convenient for disabled patients checking , in addition, because of its special design, it can also be lowest foot shot.It can fit flat panel detectors of different sizes of CR IP boards and film cartridges,

The second is conventional side out of the box and dress pills cassette, the most commonly used in the hospital , the bucky stand we met at the hospital most is fixed on the ground, only can be used in a fixed place, in order to increase the using range of shoot rack, Newheek has made the improvement, the conventional matching bucky stand mobile base, so that it can be pushed the bucky stand to where they need, greatly reduce the medical cost.

The third is the special DR bucky stands. With the digitization of medical devices, the traditional film processing imaging is gradually replaced by the digital system. The special DR bucky stands is transformed into the flat detector design of DR system, which is applicable to all sizes, wired or wireless, flat detector with or without handle, and it is an absolute potential style.

The last one is the simple wall-mounted bucky stand, which is simple in structure, easy to operate and occupies a small area. It only needs to be fixed on the wall with expansion screws . Of course, its price is also very popular.

If you need to buy a bucky stand , please call us.

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