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Newheek manual X-ray Collimator.

Manual X-ray Collimator is mostly used in shooting. The opening and closing of the lead leaf of the X-ray Collimator is realized by manually adjusting the knob on the X-ray Collimator. The illumination field indicator system uses a small bulb (halogen lamp or LED lamp) to simulate the focus of the X-ray tube. Visible light is used instead of_-ray, which is reflected by a mirror and is projected onto the bed surface. The reflected visible light path is the same as that of X-ray through the mirror, so it can indicate the size of the irradiation field in advance. Because the life of the indicator lamp is short, the lighting of the indicator lamp is controlled by a button switch. The switch can be self-switched off within 15 seconds to 1 minute. Some of the indicators have two levels of brightness to meet the illumination field indication in the case of high indoor brightness.

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