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Newheek NK1410AN-I Medical X-ray Built-in Monitor

1.Brief Introduction:

Newheek? NK1410AN-I Medical X-Ray Monitor is the high definition gray level monitor which is special designed for the matching of medical image display.This monitor adopts special display tube and image signal process technology that makes image has high contrast ratio, rich details and different scanning systems, which can be matched with different application system.

2. Application:

This monitor is mainly application to the x-ray machines manufactured by Shanghai Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Beijing Wandong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., which is convenient to replace (or match with) the original built-in monitors. And it is also application to the integration of upgrade and improvement of x-ray machine remote controller.

3.The main technical parameters:

Power supply

Voltage      AC220V ± 10%

Frequency    50 ± 1Hz

Screen size  35 cm

Scanning standard

CCIR 625/50 interlaced

E I A 525/60 interlaced

Video input

Interface Type   BNC

Horizontal resolution   center ≥1000 line   edge ≥ 800 lines

Input impedance    75Ω

Input video signal amplitude  0.5-2Vp-p

Amplitude ratio   4: 3

-3dB video broadband

Class A ≥12.5MHz

Brightness discrimination level ≥ 16 level

Spot diameter

Class A ≤ 0.25mm

Maximum brightness

Class A ≥100cd / m2

Geometric distortion

Class A ≤ 3%

Non – linear distortion

Class A ≤ 5%

Power supply ≤ 45VA

Dimensions 32cm × 30cm × 30cm

Weight 10 kg

4.Standard Configuration:

① monitor: 1

② power cord: 1

③ manual: 1

④ certificate: 1 copies

5. Picture 

Newheek NK1410AN-I Medical X-ray Built-in Monitor bottom

Newheek NK1410AN-I Medical X-ray Built-in Monitor side


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