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Newheek’s Veterinary X-ray Machine

Veterinary X-ray Machine for X-ray diagnosis of small animals.
Newheek’s NKX-50 veterinary X-ray machine uses a common power-frequency X-ray generator with fixed focal screen and fixed bed surface. Simplified design reduces manufacturing costs. On the premise of guaranteeing the effect of filming, the market selling price has been greatly reduced. Veterinary X-ray machine adopts simple mechanical structure and traditional electrical circuit design, which ensures that S50 veterinary X-ray machine has long-term stable operation, very low failure rate and low maintenance cost outside the warranty period. Veterinary X-ray machines are compact in design, with a minimum installation space of only 3 square meters and a height of 1.9 meters. The space under stairs and aisles can be used as a computer room. It is especially suitable for small clinics with tense housing area. The bed body is designed according to the size of the same type of machine abroad and is specially designed for photographing small animals. The bed body is separated from the console, and the cabled exposure of the compartment can be realized.
Veterinary X-ray Machine

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