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Newheek’s X-ray exposure hand switch inquiry.

Newheek’s X-ray exposure hand switch has a total of seven models, mainly wired hand switch and wireless hand switch. The wired hand switches are L05, L06, L01, L02, L04 and L03.

Three weeks ago, an old customer from Indonesia purchased our L04 4-core 6-meter hand switch with an aviation plug. After using it, the customer felt satisfied to consult our L04 4-core 10-meter hand switch with an aviation plug again. After agreeing on the freight and the price of the switch, the customer is ready to pay. However, due to the fact that the customer is on vacation, the payment time is delayed. Yesterday, the customer made payment and decided on some matters needing attention when delivering the goods.

If you are interested in our X-ray exposure hand switch, please feel free to contact us.

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