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NK-33XZ X-ray image intensifier 12 " with OEC Shell

NK-33XZ X-ray image intensifier 12 “with OEC Shell 

1. Brief Introduction:

NK-33XZ X-Ray Image Intensifier is the electronic output equipment which converts the x-ray    image into the visible light image. It is installed on the x-ray TV system, which is            applicable to the x-ray fluoroscopy and radiograph.

2. Construction:

NK-33XZ X-Ray Image Intensifier is composed of x-ray image multiplier tube, tube container,    high voltage power supply which is set inside of tube container and the low voltage power      supply which drives the high voltage power supply.

3. Application:

The nominal entrance field of view of Newheek NK-33XZ image intensifier is 303mm (12inch),      which is mainly application to C-arm, multi-functional stomach and intestine radiograph and    fluoroscopy x-ray machine, digital RF x-ray machine, lithotrity and industrial detection X-    ray machines etc.

4,Main Technological Parameters:

NK-33XZ X-ray image intensifier

5. Standard Configuration:

1. Image intensifier: 1 piece

2. Service manual: 1 copy

3. Quality Certificate: 1 copy

6. Picture:

NK-33XZ X-ray image intensifier back

NK-33XZ X-ray image intensifier right

NK-33XZ X-ray image intensifier up

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