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Wired flat panel detector NK3543Z

1. Portable flat panel detector
2. Stable and reliable AED control
3.139μm pixel size, 16-bit ADC HD image details

The main parameters:
Detector Type: Amorphous Silicon
Scintillation Type: Cesium Iodide
Effective imaging area (inch): 14X17
Pixel Matrix: 2560 X 3072
Image cable size (um): 139
AD conversion bits (bit): 16
Spatial resolution (lp/mm): 3.6
Drawing time: 1s
X-ray energy range: 40-150kv
Data interface: GigE
Trigger Mode: AED/Soft Trigger
Dimensions (mm): 383 x 460 x 15
Weight (kg): 2.6
Weight: average 300KG
Waterproof rating: IP54 Power consumption (W): 20
Working voltage: 100-240V, 50-60Hz AC
Power: 24V DC
Shell panel material: carbon fiber board + engineering plastic Structural material: aluminum alloy
Operating temperature (C): 5-35
Operating humidity (% RH): 10-75 (non-condensing)

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