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NKDRSG Fixed Vertical Bucky Stand

NKDRSG Fixed Vertical Bucky Stand

Product Application 

It is applied to Medical X Ray Chest Radiography Stand can be used together with the medical X-Ray machine for the checkup of head, chest, stomach, pelvic cavity etc to get the exact diagnoses.

It is suited for thorax, spine, abdomen and pelvic exposure. The extended vertical travel track allows for skull examination of tall patients as well as lower extremity exposure. The vertical movement is locked by the mechanical brake handle.

It mainly consists of column, sliding rail, container and balancing device four parts. 



1.Centralized Positioning 

The gap with the center line alignment of DR detector

2.Universal Design

With different type of DR detector, with handle or not and wired or wireless .


NKDRSG-Vertical Fixed Bucky Stand packing


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