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NKX500 medical diagnostic X-ray machine

The medical diagnostic X-ray machine is a medical appliance made of the nature of X-ray.A medical X-ray machine is also called an X-ray diagnostic device or a medical X-ray fluoroscope.This type of X-ray machine is suitable for medical use, widely used in medical institutions and places, providing the relevant units with rapid medical diagnosis.Most of its high voltage generators are digital high frequency, with rich imaging levels, simple and friendly operation interface and other characteristics.

The 500mA medical diagnostic radiography machine is mainly used for the photographic examination of human chest, limbs, pelvis and lumbar spine by medical units.

Main configuration:

1. Multifunctional photography flat bed

1. Bed surface movement: release of electromagnetic locking foot.Longitudinal: ±560m;Transverse: ±120mm.

2. Fixed filter grid: grid density: 40L/cm, grid ratio: 10:1, convergence distance: 100cm.

3. Range of motion: ≥610mm.

3. Radiography specifications: 5 “x 7”, 8 “x 10”, 10 “x 12”, 11 “x 14”, 12 “x 15”, 14 “x 14”, 14 “x 17”

4. Distance from face to film: 75mm.

5. Bed height: 700mm.

6. Column movement: 180° positioning per 90°, longitudinal stroke ≥1500mm.

2. High frequency and high voltage generator

Power supply

Voltage :380 V±10; Three-phase five-wire; Frequency :50 HZV±1 HZ; Internal resistance :≤0.3

Photographic conditions

1.Photograph tube voltage range 40~125 kV,1KV step;

2.Tube voltage range 10~640 mA;mA accuracy ≤±10%

3. Exposure time range :1-10000 ms;

4.mAs mAs;0.1-640

5.mA accuracy ≤±(5%0.2 mAs)

6.APR storage capacity :2400 data

7.Auxiliary power :24 VDC 300mA 220VAC 5A


3. X-ray tube assembly

1. X-ray tube model XD52-30.50/125kV (or XD51-20.40/125kV)

2. Focus: Double focus 1.0/2.0

3. Rated speed of anode: 2800r/min.

4. Light beam

1. Maximum exposure field: 440mm×440mm (SID=100cm);

2. Average luminance of light field: & GT;160 lux.3. Contrast ratio: & GT;4-1.

4. Bulb: 24V/150W;

5. Single lighting time of the field lamp: 30S;

6. Focal point — distance of mounting surface mm (adjustable as required) : 60mm;

7. Proper filtration (75kV) : 1mmAl

5. Digital plate detector (optional)

1. Detector type: amorphous silicon

2. Scintillator: Gadolinium sulfide/cesium iodide

3. Image size: 35cm × 43cm

4. Pixel matrix: 2560×3072 cm

5. Pixel spacing: 140 m

6. A/D conversion: 16BIT

7. Spatial resolution: 3.6LP /mm

8. Mapping time (wireless) : 2.5s


Above is the X-ray machine of NKX500 model, if need, Please feel free to contact us.

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