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Our company’s medical equipment help to beat new coronavirus pneumonia

From the early morning of March 12, Beijing time, one bad news after another followed.With lughani, goble, moody and other professional players have been diagnosed with the new crown pneumonia, so the world of sports was the new crown pneumonia virus “surprise”.
In the early morning of March 12, Beijing time, the Italian giants announced on their official website that the club’s central defender lughani confirmed the new crown pneumonia, which is also the first in the five major leagues.Juve’s official website states that rougani is currently asymptomatic.But in this case, the entire Juventus team and all working players will be isolated.
Shortly after rughani’s diagnosis was announced, NBA jazz center dirk goble was also diagnosed with a coronavirus, and the NBA immediately declared a lockout.
That morning, the NBA was scheduled to start at 8 o ‘clock in the thunder’s home game against the jazz did not go on time.After a long wait, the thunder’s home announcer announced that the game would be postponed.According to a thunder reporter at the time, the league had to wait for permission to play the next game because some players, including jazz center Rudy goebbels, were sick before the game.
Our company produces X-ray machines and peripherals. Our x ray equipment x ray machine is of high quality and affordable.Plays an important role in the fight against coronavirus pneumonia.

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