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Overview of pet X-ray machines

The diagnosis of pet X-ray machine is to use X-ray to check the sick animals, and with the help of its special performance, to observe the anatomical shape, physiological function and pathological changes of the tissues and organs in the animal, so as to diagnose the disease.
The pet X-ray machine is a machine that integrates fluoroscopy and photography. It is controlled by a microcomputer and digitally displayed to realize the inspection method of fluoroscopy and photography.
Secondly, visualized surgery can be performed under X-rays, what you see is what you get. And it realizes low-dose, high-definition photography conditions, which protects doctors and pets from excessive ionizing radiation.
Pet X-ray machine is a relatively common instrument in pet medical treatment. Because animals can’t speak, when faced with some affected areas that cannot be observed by naked eyes, the use of pet X-ray machines will be more conducive to the diagnosis of animal diseases. The use of pet X-ray machines in clinical diagnosis improves the accurate diagnosis of pet diseases and provides information for follow-up treatment.
The portable pet X-ray machine adopts an integrated design as a whole, which is compact and simple, reducing the floor space. Including 50mA, 100MA, 500MA, etc., according to the different mA, the dose is also different, the greater the dose, the better the test effect. The size of the mA can be selected according to the size of the animal.
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