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Pet hospital customers asked about the X-ray machine

Recently, a client came to inquire about animal X-ray machine. The client is a pet hospital. He asked our company about the questions he wanted to know. X-ray machine plays an important role in modern medicine. Not only people use X-ray machine, but also animal X-ray machine. They can be used to help diagnose diseases. The X-ray machine plays a role when facing some lesions that cannot be observed by the naked eye, especially the animal X-ray machine. Because the animal cannot speak, the use of the animal X-ray machine will be more conducive to the diagnosis of animal diseases.

The principle of pet X-ray machine and human X-ray machine is the same. X-ray occurs, which belongs to ionizing radiation. The difference is that the radiation dose of human X-ray machine is very large, which requires an independent shielding room; while the radiation dose of moving X-ray machine is very small, which generally does not need to be separately shielded, which causes little harm to human beings.

Choosing a good pet X-ray machine can improve profits and reduce unnecessary troubles. The pet X-ray machine is mainly composed of five parts: X-ray high frequency and high voltage generating component, X-ray tube component, manual harness device, photography flat bed, digital flat detector 300mA high frequency animal Dr X-ray machine:

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