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Pet X-ray machine with X-ray tube

●Can be used in conjunction with veterinary X-ray generators, X-ray tubes, etc;
●Suitable for scientific research and teaching in pet hospitals, clinics, medical research institutions, and medical colleges;
● Take standing, lying, and lateral photography of the pet’s head, chest, abdomen, limbs, bones, and other parts.
●The device is equipped with a cassette that can accommodate CR, DR, and IP boards of different sizes;
● The table surface can float in four directions with Electromagnetic lock.

20KW (200mA 100KV)
30KW (300mA 100KV)
40KW (400mA 100KV)
50KW (500mA 100KV)
Optional, The maximum can reach 630mA.

Table material Polyurethane
Table size 1200mmx700mm
Table height 720mm
Fixed column height 1840mm
Horizontal stroke of table surface 230mm
Longitudinal stroke of table surface 130mm
Overall dimensions of animal table 1200x700x1840mm

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