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Portable dental X-ray machine

Dental X-ray machines can be roughly divided into three types: portable, wall mounted and vertical. Many customers have come to ask about portable dental X-ray machine, let’s understand the characteristics of this machine. The main advantages of portable dental X-ray machine are small volume, light weight, clear image and small radiation; in addition, this machine is reliable in quality, complete in function and simple in operation. It also has the following characteristics:

1. Simple and generous, portable and light, clear image, close to zero radiation.

2. Stable performance, complete functions and convenient operation.

3. Freely choose AC, DC or AC, DC bidirectional power on mode.

4. It can be fixed freely, such as vertical, wall, dental chair, etc.

5. Wireless remote control or hand-held switch can be freely selected for exposure control.

In addition, the charger of  NewHeek image’s portable dental X-ray machine is suitable for power supply in various countries

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