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Portable X-Ray Machine

Portable X-Ray Machine

1. Highlight

4kW portable high frequency x-ray machine is used for human limbs inspection and diagnosis, especially in field flow places,

battlefield, playground, pet clinics etc.

Main Parts

X-Ray Generator

Portable Medical Diagnostic High Frequency X-Ray Machine: 4KW, 1set

X-Ray Tube: Focus0.6/1.5, 125kV, 1 piece

Collimator: 1 set


1. Convenient, simple.

2. 6 digital LED display.

3. 24 presupposed anatomy memory mode selection.

4. High-accuracy tube voltage and tube current control.

5. Analog, digital 2-ways high-accuracy control.

6. Self-diagnosis and protection function.

2. Technology Parameters

Type: NK2015/PX

Input Power Supply

Voltage: AC220V±22V

Frequency: 50/60Hz±1Hz

Power Supply Capacity: ≥5kVA

Internal Resistance: ≤0.5Ω

Max. Output Power: P=110kV×36mA=4kW

Nominal Power: 100kV, 40mA, 0.1s, 4kW

Frequency: ≥40kHz

KV Adjustment Range: 40kV~110kV, continuous adjustment, step 1kV

mA Adjustment Range: 36mA~70mA

mAs Adjustment Range: 1mAs~200mAs, step adjustment.

S Adjustment Range: 0.04s~3.2s

X-Ray Tube: Focus: 0.6/1.5mm Anode Capacity: 76kHU

Memeory Procedure: 24 Types Memory Selections

Size: 290×260×230mm

Weight: 18.8kg

Attachment: Standard Configuration: Manual Switch, HV Cables

Optional Configuration: Mobile Support

Portable X-Ray Machine

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