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Pre-installation preparations for the purchase of medical X-ray machines

For radiation maintenance technicians, this topic seems very simple, but the preparatory work plays a decisive role in actual work. If the installation workflow cannot be worked out proficiently, as soon as possible, and standardized before the installation of the X-ray machine, and a comprehensive and systematic design concept is lacking, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to the future installation work and actual operation.
1. Grounding problem: Grounding is a very important task for the installation and use of X-ray machines. There are two meanings, one is safety grounding, which is aimed at the personal safety of staff and patients. On the other hand, it is the working ground, which is to find a discharge point or a reference point for circuit measurement for each circuit. The success or failure of grounding work is one of the key issues related to the safety of personnel and whether the machine can be used normally. Grounding is measured by the value of grounding resistance and must be regularly inspected by the functional department. The value is within the specified range and cannot exceed the upper limit.
2. Power supply problem: According to the different requirements of the machine for the internal resistance of the power supply, the main consideration is the instantaneous power of the machine and the distance from the power transformer to determine the diameter of the machine power cord (mainly copper core wire) and the size of the area. Pay attention to the relative sequence of lines. The power control box is placed in a convenient position for opening and closing in the control room.
3. Room design: including the design of the machine room and control room. According to the requirements of machine model, performance, work convenience and radiation protection. Comprehensive consideration and reasonable design are also an important preparatory work. Because the X-ray machine is a special machine, the X-rays produced have certain radiation damage to the human body, so the protection of the staff is a very important task and must be highly valued. Under the premise of ensuring that the protection of the staff and working environment meets the national standards, other aspects such as the rationality of the room layout and the convenience of work should be considered. According to the performance of the machine, first determine the position of the machine center point in the room. In addition, the room height refers to the actual height from the ceiling of the room to the ground (clear height after decoration), which must meet the requirements of the maximum distance for the machine to run, so as not to affect the operation. The design of the observation window (commonly known as lead glass) requires lead glass with a certain amount of lead equivalent radiation protection, located at the horizontal center of the wall, and the height of its lower edge from the ground is the actual distance (800~850) mm. The hole through the wall between the machine room and the control room must be preset for the connection cables between the console, the control cabinet and the bed. Generally, the frequency of the machine is determined by considering the power frequency, medium and high frequency, and the configuration of the power regulator. The size of the wall hole is generally square or round, the size is 200 mm × 200 mm, the distance from the ground is 100 mm, and the number is 1~2. If it is a new machine room, an underground cable trench should be reserved, and the size of the cable tray (to be used overhead) depends on the model of the machine and the number of cables. The design of the room door is composed of the computer room door and the computer room control room door. This door needs special treatment, emphasizing the protection performance and easy opening. The shape of the computer room door is recommended to use two doors.
In short, the installation of the machine is a comprehensive project, which requires coordination and cooperation with various departments of the hospital. As a radiological maintenance engineer, he must take overall control, not rush or dry, and implement step by step and according to the plan, so as to create favorable conditions for the smooth installation of the machine.
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