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Room size requirements for installing a double-column X-ray machine

The double-column X-ray machine is a fixed X-ray machine that can conveniently take pictures of the human body in standing and lying positions. The basic components of the frame include ball tube column, chest X-ray column, four-way floating photography flat bed, ground rail, electrical control box, etc.
The X-ray machine emits rays that penetrate the human body, and the flat panel detector receives the rays, and uses its automatic exposure detection function to convert the X-rays into images and display them on the computer for diagnosis by doctors.
The power of the double-column X-ray machine is 30KW and 50KW. According to the different shooting parts of the human body, the power of the X-ray machine can be adjusted by adjusting the tube current and tube voltage of the X-ray machine. If it is to shoot parts that are relatively easy to penetrate, such as the limbs and chest cavity of the human body, it only needs a power of about 5KW; The voltage and current are increased to increase the power so that a clearer image can be taken.
The double-column X-ray machine is a large-scale X-ray machine, and the requirements for room area and other factors need to be considered before installation. Generally, the data of the room is not less than 5 meters * 3 meters * 3 meters, please contact us for details. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:

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