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S100 Type of Frequency Veteran X-ray Machine


1、The machine positioning accuracy, reliable performance, can be adapted to the general radiography. The use of bridge rectifier combined X-ray generator, can improve the quality of radiography.

2、Adopt grid to ensure the image is more clear, especially for the post-animal radiography.

3、Configuration filament regulator circuit, the parameters more stable.

4、Designed for animals radiography, the operation is more convenient and simple.

二、The main technical parameters:

1、 Power supply conditions and operating mode

220V±22V;  Power supply voltage: AC 220V ± 22V;

≥8KVA;  Power capacity: ≥ 8KVA

1?   Power supply allows maximum internal resistance: 1Ω

Power supply allows maximum internal resistance: 1Ω

2、The highest rated capacity is shown in Table 1

Tube current(mA)Tube voltage(KV)Time(s)

15             90                6.3

30             90                6.3

60             90                4.0

100             80                3.2

3、radiography conditions     Tube voltage: 50-90kV

Tube current: 15,30,60,100 mA total of 4 shifts

Time: 0.08s-6.3 s a total of 19 shifts, according to R10 ‘coefficient selected.

4、Maximum output power

( 80kV  100mA  0.1S )  5.92KVA.

5、Nominal electric power:

( 90kV  60mA  0.1S )   4.00KVA.

6、Input power: 5.92KVA.

7、Mechanical Performance

When the X-ray generator window is down, the distance between the focus and the film is 1000mm.

The X-ray generator has a rotation angle of ± 90o around the vertical axis;

三、Detail image;

S100 Type of Frequency Veteran X ray Machine.png

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