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Selection of X-ray exposure hand switch.

X-ray exposure hand switch is mainly used for remote control of X-ray exposure, mainly used in medical camera. Most of them are installed on the console.

Newheek’s wired hand switches L01, L02, L04 and wireless hand switches L07 can be used in various X-ray machines. These three wired hand switches are two-step, one-step is ready and tow-step is exposure. The main difference between L04 and L01, L02 is that L04 is larger and more suitable for customers in Europe and America.

L03 belongs to three-step hand switch, one-step is ready and tow-step is exposure, the third-step can be customized according to customer requirements, control x-ray collimator or other.

L05, L06 hand switch is the one-step hand switch, which can be mainly used in dental X-ray machine.

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