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Several ways of X ray imaging

X ray is not open to see the light, it is to form a visible image, the need to transform the invisible X ray into visible light, or by the use of other photoreceptors to transform it into the image, can the normal observation. So, from the day when X was discovered, scientists had not “stopped” for a moment, thinking about how to use it to see what they wanted to see.

In view of the characteristics of X ray, most X ray images are still imaging by the penetration effect of X ray. At first, the photosensitive effect of photosensitive material was used for imaging. Because the brightness of the screen is weak, people have to hide in the dark darkroom for observation. In order to avoid the dark adaptation of human eyes and the safety of operation, people usually point a red light.

In 1950s, because of the development of electronic technology, people invented the image intensifier, through image intensifier imaging, and then used television technology to watch the monitor, thus realizing the bright room observation of the X ray image. This is the first landmark invention in the field of X ray imaging.

Then in 1960s, people made use of computer technology and realized the tomography of X ray, commonly known as CT imaging technology.

In the 1980s, with the further development of computer technology and precision machinery technology, computer scanning imaging technology was invented, commonly known as CR imaging technology.

With the rapid development of semiconductor technology after the development of the twenty-first Century, scientists have invented the X ray direct imaging technology, commonly known as DR imaging technology. This is the second landmark invention in the field of X ray imaging.

Looking forward to the future, there are still many unknown worlds waiting for our discovery in the field of X ray imaging. For example, the X – ray – related imaging technology, which is more popular at the forefront of the theory, is said to have made a breakthrough. It may not be long before we can get a X – ray image as convenient as a camera, not as complicated and troublesome as it is now.

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