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Shanghai customer orders 75KV high voltage cable

A few days ago, a customer in Shanghai ordered our high-voltage cable. What the customer wants is a 75KV, 20m straight cable. They are the manufacturer of X-ray machines and need to purchase cables to match their machines. This time I purchased two samples for the first time. If the test passes, they will buy in bulk later.

Those who have known us should know that we are a manufacturer of high-voltage cables. We have a history of more than 20 years since our establishment in 1999. Our company mainly produces and operates X-ray machines and accessories, including various types of high-frequency, Low-frequency X-ray machines, high-voltage cables, hand switches, collimators, image intensifiers, bucky stands, medical x ray tables, etc. Our high-voltage cables are exported to dozens of countries and regions in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Our high-voltage cables mainly have two specifications, 75KV and 90KV, the plug is a national standard plug, and the length of the cable can be customized. At this stage, in addition to the cables with the national standard plugs on sale, we are also actively developing 4pin cables. By then, we can provide supporting services for more manufacturers,Welcome manufacturers to send email to contact us!

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