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Small animals dedicated high – frequency X – ray machine

Weifang Newheek Medical Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, professional development, production and marketing of medical X-ray machines and veterinary X-ray machine products.

High standard, versatile, full-featured standard makes the machine easier to upgrade. To meet the CR, DR digital system upgrade, make full use of the advantages of digital photography, does not affect the effect of digital photography

The standard configuration of imported fixed-size filter grille, effective filtering of harmful scattering lines, improve the animal thick parts of the image clarity and contrast, making the image more sharp. Filter grille selection of high-quality materials, can improve the transmittance, reduce the exposure factor

Professional structural design

· Integral design, small footprint, easy installation, especially suitable for small pet clinic use.

loating bed design, the bed can be around, left and right direction of any movement, and a foot brake control of the electromagnetic lock device. Easy to place the animals and place the shooting position.

X-ray tube head can be ± 180 ° around the arm center rotation, to facilitate the doctor on the angle of the animals placed, side camera and special angle camera. So as to get the ideal diagnostic image.

Bed length standard 1.2 meters. To meet the needs of different customers, according to the requirements of customers customized 1.5 meters long, 2 meters and other specifications of the bed panel.

Convenient operating performance

X-ray tube head can move up and down, electromagnetic lock. The maximum focal length of 1.2 meters, to adapt to larger animals taking pictures.

Powerful central processor equipped with large-scale integrated digital circuit digital control panel, graphical part of the parameter storage function, according to the actual experience of any pre-selected. Use a key operation, you get the appropriate exposure parameters. Making the operation more simple and quick.

Advanced technical solutions

High-frequency high-voltage X-ray generator output DC tube voltage approximation, access to high-quality X-ray, making the X-ray image more clear.

Microcomputer control circuit to achieve tube voltage, tube current closed-loop control. X-ray output is more accurate and more stable. Can make the photo quality higher

The use of special materials made of bed panels, effectively reduce the absorption of X-ray dose, to minimize the additional image artifacts due to bed panels.

Fault check system to quickly detect fault conditions. In the event of a malfunction or malfunction of the machine, the machine’s self-test function can automatically obtain the fault signal and display the corresponding code. Customers can solve the problems encountered by analyzing the fault codes, find the solution by looking for manuals and consulting the professional and technical personnel

Small animals dedicated high frequency X ray machine

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