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Specific functions of high voltage power supply

In our life, the power supply provides us with a guarantee for convenient daily life. The surface is electrified, and his static electricity makes him electrified. The electrostatic energy is that his material is close to the equipment, and the DC is used to form a voltage generating device, and the voltage generating device is used to make the product have static electricity. Again, the static characteristics of the system, the static electricity of the ion itself, are used to make it close to other systems, so that the production of the system process and the improvement and acceleration of the system effect.

High voltage power supply, also known as high voltage generator. Generally, it refers to the power supply with an output voltage of more than 5000 volts. Generally, the output voltage of high-voltage power supply can reach tens of thousands of volts, or even hundreds of thousands of volts or higher. High voltage power supply has many uses, including X-ray machine high voltage power supply, laser high voltage power supply, spectrum analysis high voltage power supply, NDT high voltage power supply. Low price and good quality of newseek high voltage power supply

High voltage power supply is widely used in X-ray machine, laser and spectral analysis. It is also involved in the field of non-destructive testing power supply and semiconductor high-voltage power supply. At the same time, it is implemented in the field of capillary electrophoresis high-voltage power supply and non-destructive testing high-voltage power supply. Semiconductor technology with high-voltage power supply, its particles combined with some other high-voltage power supply, can detect ion deposition and ion bound deposition, and also have the same effect on electron beam evaporation and welding. The accelerator and neutron source of these particles are charged by network and capacitance. Its application fields are microwave heating and RF amplification of these high-voltage power supplies.

High voltage power supply is widely used in X-ray machine, laser and spectral analysis.

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