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Specific situation of high voltage power supply

DC power supply for high-voltage distribution is used as electrical power supply for control, protection, monitoring and operation of circuit breakers; AC power supply is also available; it is mainly determined by the type of control and operation power supply of circuit breakers;

Compared with AC power cabinet, DC power cabinet has the following advantages:

1. DC power cabinet does not need to consider three-phase balance;

2. The DC power cabinet can fully charge the battery in advance under the normal condition of the AC power supply. When the AC power supply is cut off, it is fed by the battery, which can still guarantee the operation, control, protection and monitoring of the circuit breaker.

In a word, DC high voltage power supply is safe and reliable.

Precautions in use:

1. In the process of cable withstand voltage test, the step-up process shall be uniform and slow, and the step-down process shall also be uniform and slow. At the same time, protective water resistance shall be added at the high-voltage output end. Otherwise, the counter voltage may damage the instrument.

2. During the instrument test, the grounding must be good, and the grounding grid or pile shall be selected. The test without grounding is not allowed.

3. The workers who use DC high voltage generator must have professional personnel with “high voltage test certificate”.

4. The user must use the instrument according to the 168 provisions of the electric power safety regulations, and install two obvious disconnection points before the working power supply enters the tester. When replacing the test object and wiring, the two power disconnection points shall be disconnected obviously.

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