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The conflict between the United States and Iran is escalating

Iran’s top security agency has vowed to retaliate “at the appropriate place and time” after the U.S. killed general qasim suleiman of the islamic revolutionary guard corps in Baghdad.War seemed imminent.

The international community is paying close attention.

Anxiety gripped the Middle East.Americans in Iraq have been asked to leave immediately.America’s European Allies fear that suleimani’s killing could spark a new war.

Iran’s foreign ministry says it will not reject nuclear talks with the United States under the “five-plus-one” framework following the killing of general suleiman.Iran’s foreign ministry also said Tehran has no intention of going to war with the United States, but is ready for any situation.

Our NEWHEEK company has recently received a large order for medical equipment from Iran.Including Xray machine, mobile Xray machine, U – arm Xray machine and other equipment.

War inevitably brings harm and death, and we need peace!

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