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The customer asked about the advantages of high voltage power supply

Recently, I received an inquiry from a customer asking about our company’s high-voltage power supply. The budget of the customer is limited, and I hope to reduce the price. It is advantageous to reply to our company’s products. Our newly developed products greatly improve the reliability. The main purpose of applying high-voltage DC power supply technology is to improve the safety and efficiency of the system. Newseek high voltage power supply has more advantages in price

The input parameters are greatly improved. The field test shows that the input power factor of the commonly used 12 pulse on-line dual conversion UPS is usually 0.8-0.9, the maximum is only 0.95, the input current harmonic content is usually about 7.5%, and the load capacity is greatly improved.

Transmission voltage drop is small – DC cable line does not have the problem of capacitance current in AC cable line, no magnetic induction loss and dielectric loss, basically only core resistance loss, relatively low insulation voltage, DC transmission technology is more suitable for long-distance transmission, in line with the current national high-voltage-power-supplyrequirements of energy conservation and environmental protection is a green power supply scheme.


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