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The customer asked our company about the selection of high voltage power supply for the air compressor

On May 5, we received a phone call from the customer. The customer intends to configure a suitable high-voltage power supply for their air compressor, ask if our company has a suitable product, and reply that there is a suitable product.

High voltage power supply is widely used, which can be used in X-ray machine, laser and spectrum analysis. It is also involved in the field of non-destructive testing power supply and semiconductor high-voltage power supply. At the same time, it is implemented in the field of capillary electrophoresis high-voltage power supply and non-destructive testing high-voltage power supply. Semiconductor technology with high-voltage power supply, its particles combined with some other high-voltage power supply, can detect ion deposition and ion bound deposition, and also have the same effect on electron beam evaporation and welding. Our company’s newheek high-voltage power supply can meet the needs of users. The power supply is designed to replace the Toshiba vp-33314 high-voltage power supply. Its shape, installation dimension, input and output characteristics are basically the same as the original power supply, and it can be replaced completely, with unique features in stability and reliability.

We know that the starting instantaneous current of the motor is 5-8 times of its rated current. Such a large current has a great impact on the power grid and is very harmful to the power grid quality of the users,

The application scope of high-pressure power supply can be in the fields of chemical fertilizer, urban gas metallurgy, etc., and there is also development in ceramic coking industry, which can mainly recycle some gas, tar, and eliminate dust, haze and other pollutants. The recycling of waste and the purification of air can ensure the operation of some equipment. We should make good use of the advantages of high-voltage power supply, make it develop better, and make its application more extensive.

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