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The customer contacted us and said he wanted to consult the X-ray machine

Recently, a customer contacted us and said that he wanted to consult the X-ray machine, We wanted our company to recommend a product with low price and good quality to him, so we recommended a digital Dr X-ray machine to the customer, and the customer asked what is a digital X-ray machine, so I explained the principle to the customer, digital X-ray machine, also known as Dr (digital radiology It is an X-ray imaging device that can complete the shooting of X-ray image directly in a few seconds and display it on the computer screen for doctors to make diagnosis.

The customer does not understand the difference between the digital X-ray machine and the ordinary X-ray machine, how to calculate the price, and the image of the digital X-ray machine is more clear and delicate. At the same time, the doctor can carry out a variety of image post-processing according to the needs, in order to obtain more and more accurate diagnosis information.

The operation process of the new seek digital X-ray machine is simple and fast, which can greatly reduce the labor load and dose harm of the radiation workers, and improve the work efficiency. The detection efficiency of traditional X-ray photography is only 20% – 30%, while the quantum detection rate of digital X-ray imaging system is more than 60%. Therefore, compared with the dose of traditional X-ray photography, the dose of digital X-ray imaging can be greatly reduced. At the same time, using its image processing function, the image data obtained from one exposure can be processed to obtain the same effect as the traditional method which needs to change the conditions and multiple exposures.

The digital diagnosis and treatment result of digital X-ray machine is helpful for doctors’ remote diagnosis and treatment of patients. Patients can get the diagnosis and treatment of experts in the first tier city hospitals in local hospitals or clinics, which is helpful for the construction of basic medical treatment and the balance of medical resources in the new rural areas of China. This advantage is of great significance to the successful promotion of the current new rural medical reform program of our government, and can effectively solve the problem of unbalanced medical resources in China.

No film and other consumables are needed for diagnosis and treatment with digital X-ray machine, which greatly reduces the operating costs of hospitals and clinics, saves resources, and has no pollution to the environment.

Author: Alex

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