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The dealer consults which types of hand switch switches can be divided into

Recently, a dealer in Guangdong consulted our company’s hand switch. There are many brands of hand switches, among which brands such as Philips and Newheek are widely used. There are 6 models under the Newheek brand: L01, L02, L03, L04, L05, L06. Among them, L01, L02, and L04 are two-level hand switches. Pressing the first level is to prepare to prevent accidental triggering. Pressing the second level is to control exposure. 05 and L06 are the first-level hand switches, which are more convenient and simpler than the second level. If the operator is cautious, whether there is a reserve gear is not so important. Compared with the other models, the L03 is a special one. The L03 has three gears. From its function, it is the same as L01, L02, and L04. There is no difference between the three second-speed hand switches, but it has an idle button that can be installed and matched to control the LED lights in the collimator, bed movement and other equipment parts.

The x ray hand switch produced by Newheek company can be adapted to various X ray machines. If you are interested in this equipment, please contact us!

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