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The difference between high frequency X-ray machine and analog frequency X-ray machine

The analog frequency X-ray machine is a UPS that uses a power frequency transformer as the rectifier and inverter components. The high-frequency X-ray machine is a UPS that uses high-frequency switching technology to replace the power frequency transformer in the rectifier and inverter with high-frequency switching elements.
Technically speaking, high-frequency X-ray machines are more advanced. The working frequency of the high-voltage generator of the high-frequency X-ray machine can reach 20KHZ, while the working frequency of the high-voltage generator of the analog frequency machine is much smaller. The penetrating power of the high-frequency machine is stronger than that of the analog frequency machine, and the soft tissue is clearer and less blurred. People who don’t understand X-ray machines will definitely feel that “since high-frequency X-ray machines have such strong penetrating power, the amount of radiation must be greater than that of analog frequency X-ray machines.” In fact, on the contrary, high-frequency X-ray machines emit less radiation than analog frequency machines, which can better protect the health and safety of operators and patients.
Since the high-frequency X-ray machine is better than the analog frequency machine in terms of shooting clarity and radiation safety, is the analog frequency X-ray machine useless? In fact, it is not. When choosing a product, it is very important that the product matches the application scenario. Compared with high-frequency X-ray machines, the price of analog frequency X-ray machines is lower than that of high-frequency X-ray machines when there is no need to shoot soft tissues or apply to animals. It is also a good choice when it completes corresponding photography tasks and is more cost-effective.
The exposure control accuracy of the high-frequency machine is higher, which can greatly reduce the soft x-rays in the x-ray beam, and can also reduce the amount of radiation received by patients, thereby improving the quality of x-ray images and improving the output efficiency of x-rays.
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