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The difference between high frequency X-ray machine and other X-ray machine

With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, high-frequency X-ray machines are used by more and more people, and it can even be said that high-frequency X-ray machines will soon replace power frequency X-ray machines.
The power frequency machine has many unavoidable weaknesses, such as: large volume and weight, large output waveform ripple coefficient, and unstable x-ray dose. Exposure parameters are less accurate and repeatable. In order to solve these problems, the DC inverter technology is introduced into the X-ray machine, so that the working power of the high-voltage generator is increased from 50HZ or 60HZ to medium and high frequency. X-ray machines using this technology are called medium and high frequency X-ray machines.
Compared with the power frequency machine, the high-frequency machine has many advantages: 1. The output waveform of the high-voltage generator of the high-frequency machine is similar to a constant DC, the pulsation rate is very low, the energy unity of the output x-ray is greatly improved, and the patient’s skin dose is greatly reduced. . 2. High imaging quality, single-energy narrow beam x-rays, and the absorption of matter obeys the exponential law, rays pass through the matter, the number of photons is reduced, and the energy does not change, which is very beneficial to improve the imaging quality. 3. The output dose is large. If the exposure time is the same, the x-ray dose provided by the high-frequency machine using 300mA is basically the same as the x-ray dose provided by the single-phase full-wave rectification x-ray machine 500mA. 4. The high-frequency transformer is small in size and light in weight, which can realize ultra-short-time exposure.
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