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The difference between oral sensor and dental tablet

Dentistry is the most widely used examination in dentistry, and it is also the most commonly used because it facilitates diagnosis and treatment of teeth before, during and after treatment. Before treatment, it is helpful to find lesions; during treatment, the method of needle insertion and photography can be used to understand the situation of root expansion; after treatment, the curative effect can be observed. Clinically, dental tablets are used to diagnose and treat tooth hard tissue lesions, pulp lesions, periapical lesions and periodontal diseases.
The sensor is an important part of various instruments and meters, and it is the first link to realize automatic detection and automatic control. The soft imaging plate, fast scanning and patented sensor control design of the dental film allow you to take small dental films, and the patient positioning is more convenient. Simple, quicker to obtain images, and avoid cross-infection. You do not need to change the original working habit of taking dental radiographs, and the different effects cannot be compared.
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