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The operating of the dental x-ray machine

1. Turn on the power of the dental x-ray machine
2. Regulating parameters
Adjust according to patient’s age, height and tooth position dental x-ray machine.
3. Place the tooth piece
1) The patient sat upright with stable head.
Maxillary: slightly lower head, nasal line and the ground parallel.
Mandibular: Tilt the head slightly, and the listening line is parallel to the ground.
2) Place the film sensitive surface on the palatine side of the examined tooth, vertically.
The film edge of anterior teeth is 7MM higher than the cutting edge;
The edge of the posterior tooth film is 10MM higher than the cutting edge.
To create a sharp contrast in the image, avoid the crown line or root tip image beyond the film.
3) The film is attached to the crown of the tooth tested in the mouth, but not parallel to the major axis. The placement of the tube (the center line of the X-ray film) should be tilted at an Angle so that it is perpendicular to the parting line of the tooth’s major axis and the intersection Angle of the film.
Maxillary incisors: ball tube foot inclined 420;Fang 450;Double cusps and first molars 300;Second and third molars 28°
Mandibular incisors: tip inclined to -15°;Fangs -18° to 20°: double fangs and first molars -10°;Second and third molars -5°
The pensile image of the bowl should be placed vertically, according to the variations of the upper and lower depth of the mouth.
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