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The people should unite against the virus

Covid-19 has been spreading all over the world for a long time, and all human beings are striving to fight against the virus. However, the United States has become worse because of such an event. The protest in Minnesota continued because African American man George Freud was killed by white police Derek joven “knee lock throat”. To this day, riots have intensified and protests have taken place all over the United States. The situation has not only not subsided due to the outbreak, but also escalated. Two law enforcement officers from the Federal Security Agency in Oakland, California, were shot during a protest Tuesday night, local media reported. One of them was shot and killed. People beat, smash, burn, some violent people try to rob property, cell phones, computers, X-ray machines

The White House was sealed and the governor of Minnesota apologized, but the “anger” of the protesters did not subside. American media commented that the United States is now facing two deadly viruses – the new crown and discrimination. The protests spread in the United States and the White House was closed. At the same time, people need to use X-ray machines to test their bodies. According to real-time statistics, as of 02:04 on June 2, Beijing time, more than 1.84 million new coronavirus confirmed cases in the United States,accounting for nearly one third of the global confirmed cases; more than 106000 deaths, 236 to 106431 new cases, accounting for more than a quarter of the global death toll People need  rabat xray machine to fight the virus

In this critical time, we should abandon hatred and deal with our common enemy virus instead of venting our anger. Our company produces X-ray machines and exports them to the United States and Europe and America in large quantities, making outstanding contributions to global security

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