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The role of image intensifiers

The impact intensifier is mainly used in the image enhancement of low-source dose X-ray machines, so that very low X-rays pass through the measured object to form valuable images through the effect of shadow multiplication, thereby reducing the damage of X-rays to users. .
The basic structure of X-ray image intensifier is composed of three parts: image intensifier tube, tube sleeve and power supply.
The image intensifier tube is the core component of the image intensifier. Its structure is to encapsulate the input screen, focusing electrode, anode, output screen and ion pump in a high vacuum glass shell.
The input screen is used to convert X-ray images into electronic images. It consists of four layers: aluminum substrate, phosphor layer, isolation layer and photoelectric surface.
Output screen: used to convert the enhanced electronic image into a visible light image. Its main structure is the output photoelectric layer and the glass layer. The glass layer is part of the reinforced tube shell and is the support for the output screen. The inner surface of the phosphor layer is coated with a layer of aluminum foil to form an output photoelectric surface.

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