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The safety of car digital X-ray machine

Newheek vehicle-mounted digital X-ray machine is an advanced X-ray photography technology formed by the combination of computer digital image processing technology and X-ray radiation technology. It can carry out real-time image digital processing, and then realize digitization. The vehicle-mounted DR is dedicated to special vehicles such as medical examination vehicles and medical vehicles. It is more convenient than the digital X-ray machine equipped in the department, and has quite good seismic effects. The customized vehicle-mounted digital X-ray machine on the physical examination vehicle can efficiently complete the radiation Class physical examination items. When medical vehicle manufacturers produce vehicle-mounted digital X-ray machines, they consider that the power of vehicle-mounted digital X-ray machines is slightly lower than that of X-ray machines used in departments, and its radiation X dose is much less. Therefore, they will always The establishment of a lead protection room and the installation of the digital X-ray machine lead protection room in the medical examination vehicle center are to extend the service life of the medical examination vehicle and make the Newheek mobile physical examination vehicle safer during driving.
The Newheek vehicle-mounted digital X-ray machine can directly upload data to the hospital’s medical system database through the network, which greatly facilitates the hospital to better understand patient information; the exposure power of the vehicle-mounted digital X-ray machine is smaller than the DR of the department, only 220V The power supply can be used for normal exposure, and the number of exposures is more than that of the department’s digital X-ray machine, and the radiation dose is smaller than that of the department’s digital X-ray machine; the vehicle-mounted digital X-ray machine has excellent seismic performance, portable installation, small space occupation, and its compact structure It is more suitable for the spatial layout of medical vehicles.
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