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The X-ray machine image intensifier is malfunctioning

A call from Shenzhen* company L said that your X-ray machine fluoroscopy machine had a malfunction: a white aperture appeared in the middle, and the image became dark after running for a while.

The customer said that there is no problem with the camera on the industrial X-ray machine, which is probably the problem of the image intensifier. Tell the customer that it is difficult to determine which link has the problem without being tested by professionals. It is recommended that customers mail the image intensifier and camera together, and our company will do a test for free, and determine the cause of the failure based on the test results. After negotiation, the customer agreed to mail the test.

After testing the image intensifier on the X-ray machine, our engineers came to the following conclusions Replace with a new liner. The customer said that their entire set of equipment was often broken down for maintenance, and they felt cheated when they bought this set of they decided to report the purchase plan for the complete machine. Tell the customer that our stereo perspective machine is divided into two systems: an analog system and a digital system. The two sets of solutions will be sent to customers later. Customers are more inclined to digital systems X-ray machine.In order to make customers believe in our company’s strength, we recognize For the quality of our products, it is recommended that customers mail some samples, our company will give a free test plan, and then send the test results to the customer. The specific test results are as follows:

Dear industrial inspectors, if your X-ray machine products also need to be tested, you can purchase our X-ray machine stereoscopic machine, if necessary, Please contact us.

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