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The x ray machine portable produced by Newheek can be used in large, medium and small hospitals

The current medical care system has evolved from the original basic insurance coverage to the “face” to the one-to-one coverage to the “person” personalized diagnosis and treatment. In view of the change in nursing mode, more and more hospitals are introducing mobile radiography systems , To meet the daily imaging shooting. Different from the column or suspended design of traditional photography systems, the mobile photography system occupies a smaller space and can be easily moved and operated. It can directly complete the exposure in the ward, and supports multiple bedside imaging inspections. The demand for production volume, while optimizing the workflow of the hospital, can also guarantee the imaging quality, which has occupied an important position in medical imaging. Whether the Newheek x ray machine portable is easy to move, battery life has become the key to performance evaluation, whether it is emergency room or neonatal ICU, Newheek x ray machine portable can be used in various departments of the hospital. Image quality, system stability, and connectivity have become key factors for Newheek x ray machine portable.

Lightweight and convenient, easy to complete
The hospital environment is becoming more and more complex, and the need for flexibility in radiography is also increasing. In the case of busy medical affairs, instead of specially arranging patients to be transferred to the radiology department for imaging, Newheek x ray machine portable can quickly take pictures in various departments required by the hospital. In daily clinical use, the image quality and usability of mobile fast imaging are critical. Software equipment, battery life, and optimization of charging time make mobile imaging possible. Smaller and lighter motion detectors, combined with a compact and operable digital X-ray system, can significantly improve workflow and performance. At the same time, mobile imaging provides dose management to obtain better radiological images with lower radiation doses.

No “wire” constraints, “wireless” connection
The mobile radiography system can receive the radiological needs of the patient through the wireless network, and at the same time provide the clinician with the correct patient information. After the shooting is completed, the image is instantly transmitted and stored wirelessly to the image archive system, thus simplifying the Newheek x of the department. ray machine portable workflow. Another feature is the fast link, which is an adaptive wireless transmission technology that can automatically switch channels to improve image transmission, avoid mutual interference with other devices in the network, and ensure that the wireless signal of the digital detector will not interfere with the surgical equipment other parts. Advances in wireless communication technology ensure the smoothness and stability of network connections. In order to meet the needs of work flow and productivity, Newheek x ray machine portable can be connected to related systems such as PACS, RIS and hospital information systems, without having to visit a dedicated workstation to transmit image information to the radiologist for interpretation.

Function optimization, forge ahead
The Newheek x ray machine portable upgrades the traditional fixed column into a flexible telescopic arm, which greatly reduces the footprint of the radiological equipment, moves flexibly, and realizes rapid imaging in the narrow passage of the ward.

Mobile imaging, mobile future
With the development of science and technology, system optimization and upgrading have become more and more user-friendly for operating technicians. Compared with traditional imaging systems, mobile imaging can be applied to more patients and examination types. In view of the dependence of the medical industry on mobile radiology technology, future radiology systems should continue to meet the actual needs of end users, improve performance and efficiency in the workflow, and ensure the safety of clinicians and patients.

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