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There are so many types of medical X-ray machines, what are the differences?

The types of medical X-ray machines are mainly divided into two categories: traditional X-ray machines and digital X-ray machines. There are some differences between them in terms of imaging methods, technical principles and application scope.
1. Traditional X-ray machine: Traditional X-ray machine uses photographic paper or film as the imaging medium, generates rays through the X-ray tube to irradiate the patient’s body, and then projects it onto the photographic paper or film for imaging. This model is simple to operate and low in cost, and is suitable for routine X-ray examinations, such as chest X-rays, bone examinations, etc. However, the processing and storage of photo paper or film are cumbersome, and remote sharing and rapid diagnosis are not possible.
2. Digital X-ray machine: Digital X-ray machine uses digital imaging technology to convert the X-ray mapping attenuation into digital signals through detectors, and processes and stores them into images through computers. Digital X-ray machines can achieve instant imaging and high-quality image display, allowing doctors to diagnose quickly and accurately. At the same time, the digital X-ray machine can transmit imaging data to the medical information system to realize remote sharing and archiving of images. Digital X-ray machines are suitable for various examinations, including bones, chest, digestive tract and other parts.
In addition, according to different application fields and functions, medical X-ray machines can also be subdivided into the following types:
1. Skeleton X-ray machine: with the main purpose of skeletal examination, including imaging of joints, bones and other parts.
2. Chest X-ray machine: Mainly used for chest imaging examination, such as imaging of lungs, heart, etc.
3. Dental X-ray machine: specially used for dental and oral imaging examinations, such as dental X-rays and oral photography.
4. Mobile X-ray machine: X-ray machine that can be moved and adjusted, suitable for emergency rooms, operating rooms and other occasions that require flexible use.
5. CT scanner: Uses rotating X-ray source and detector to perform multi-slice tomographic imaging to provide more detailed anatomical information.
In short, there are many types of medical X-ray machines, and their differences are mainly reflected in imaging methods, technical principles, application fields and functions. According to different clinical needs and purposes, it is very important for medical workers to choose the appropriate X-ray machine. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:

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