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To test patients for new coronavirus pneumonia,South Korea ordered medical equipment x ray machine

The number of newly confirmed cases in South Korea rose from 31 to nearly 7,500 in three weeks.Ninety percent of the cases were concentrated in the city of daegu, the Chinese equivalent of a municipality directly under the central government, and in the neighboring north gyeongsang province, with the new tiandi daegu church and the gyeongsang north gyeongsang prefecture daanan hospital being the focal points.One wonders, what happened?
The first case was confirmed in South Korea on Jan. 20, and the outbreak has been stable since then, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 30 in the nearly one month since the first case was confirmed.
“After the outbreak in China, South Korea has done a good job.However, it was a bit careless from February 13, when there were no new entries for three days.But then there was a ‘super spreader’.”Huang yanzhong, senior fellow for global health at the council on foreign relations (CFR), a us think-tank, told 21st century business herald.
China will export 5 million face masks to South Korea starting from March 10, according to the website of the Chinese embassy in South Korea, a spokesman for the embassy said Thursday.China will continue to export face masks to South Korea in the future, the spokesman said.

South Korea imports from our company X-ray medical equipment, including x ray bucky stand, flat panel detector, X-ray machine, u-arm X-ray machine, X-ray bed, etc., for the detection of new coronavirus pneumonia patients. Our company will fully support South Korea.

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