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    2-step Medical X-ray Hand Switch

Two-step for exposure L08A hand switch

1. Model: L08A (Hand Switch , X ray hand switch , Exposure hand switch
2. Overview: Step 1 control exposure readiness, Step 2 control exposure
3. Parameters:
(1) Mechanical parameters: mechanical life ≤ 200000 times
Handle size: Length: 10.9cm (Max.)Diameter: 3.65cm
Spring wire: standard 4 core 3 meters (3 core optional, wire length can be customized)
Gear: 2
(2) Electrical parameters: switching life ≤ 400,000 times
Operating voltage:
5A           125/250V   AC     T120
5(2)A        250V         AC     T85
3A             250V         AC     50E3  T85
5A             250V         AC      T120
4. Material: ABS
5. Features:
(1) Designed with long life microswitches
(2) Two gear design
(3) Ergonomic design that conforms to the curves of the fingers for a more precise grip
(4) Can replace GE, Omron, Fuji and other brands hand switch
(5) The key with a prompt tone, can remind exposure, prevent a wrong trigger
6. Scope of application: digital x ray machine, digital DR gastrointestinal machine, C am, veterinary X-ray machine
7. The plug can be customized (need to provide wiring mode)
8. Core identification:
4-core: 1st level: black and white; Second gear: red and green;
3-core: 1st gear: red: 2nd gear: white: Public end: green

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