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Types of X-ray machines- industrial testing X-ray machines

Industrial testing X-ray machines used in industrial departments are usually industrial non-destructive testing X-ray machines (non-destructive testing). Industrial testing X-ray machines can detect various industrial components, electronic components and internal circuits. Examples include the detection of rubber internal wiring connection of socket plugs, internal welding of diodes, etc. BJI-XZ, BJI-UC and other industrial testing X-ray machines are X-ray machines that can be connected to computers for image processing. Such industrial testing X-ray machines provide excellent solutions for the field of factory household appliances maintenance.
With the development of lightening and thinning of electronic products, the introduction of environmentally friendly materials, and the improvement of consumers’requirements for product quality, X-ray non-destructive flaw detectors have been developed in electronic manufacturing, IC packaging, lithium batteries, diodes, transistors and other related industries, which provides an opportunity for the development of X-ray non-destructive flaw detection technology. (X-ray machine non-destructive flaw detector for electronic industry, X-RAY).
Types of X-ray machines- industrial testing X-ray machines

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