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Use of portable dental X-ray machine

Recently, customers often consult our portable dental X-ray machine. This equipment is easy to carry and can detect the human body from different angles. Compared with other machines, this portable dental X-ray machine has many advantages. Simple and generous, portable and light, clear image, close to zero radiation. Stable performance, complete functions, and convenient operation. Free to choose AC, DC or AC, DC two-way energization mode. Can be fixed freely, such as vertical, wall, dental chair, etc. Optional wireless remote control or hand-held switch for exposure control
In fact, this kind of portable dental X-ray machine has very little radiation to the human body. If you spend a day in an area where the radiation is higher than the equilibrium level, such as the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the radiation dose is about 1.2 microsieverts. Estimated by smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, the radionuclide radiation dose in cigarette tobacco is comparable to taking a chest X-ray every day. So we don’t have to worry about this kind of problem. Our company is a medical equipment manufacturer with 20 years of experience. If you are interested in our dental film machine, you can call us to consult.

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