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Vertical dental X-ray machine requirements for room size

According to the “Medical Diagnostic X-ray Health Protection Regulations”, X-ray machines should be placed in separate specific rooms, and the room area should be large enough. Generally, the lead room of an X-ray machine below 100mA should not be less than 24 square meters, and this standard is also applicable to vertical dental film machines. Dental X-ray machines must be placed in a separate room with protective equipment, and it is forbidden to place them in the examination and diagnosis room. And the setting of the room must fully consider the safety of the surrounding environment.
Radiation workers must be exposed in a shielded room, and general lead screens are not safe enough. After testing, at the operator behind the lead screen 1m away from the dental X-ray machine, the scattered ray rate is 26mR/hour. Therefore, lead screens cannot be used only for protection.
The X-ray tube should have a protective layer with sufficient lead equivalent, and the window at the head of the X-ray tube should be equipped with an aluminum filter plate. In modern dental X-ray machines, the cone tip of the tube head is replaced by a cylindrical light collector, which has a better effect of absorbing scattered rays than the past equipment.
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